1. Excellent article Dan
    Very straightforward and effective methods to look for the best KWs to target for a new site. I want to know a few things

    1) What is the frequency of your posts when you start a new site? how many articles you post in a month
    2) how many articles (at least) should we aim to publish in the first 6 months?
    3) how long does it take for articles to rank [for a new site]?
    4) Whats average word count of your articles?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Thanks for the kind words Sohail.

      1) I had 16 posts pre-written before launching the site and then tried to post 20-30 posts monthly.
      2) Keywords = Traffic, as much as you can!!
      3) It varies. If you have a new site and are targeting low-competition keywords, as outlined in this article, alongside building in topical clusters, you can quickly start ranking and getting traffic.
      4) Average word count is around 1,000 words. I write what is suitable for the content and search query, some posts have 650 words and others have 2,000.

  2. Thanks for this compilation of information that is not easily found everywhere. I obtained this information by purchasing paid content. I should have known you sooner 🙂

    Will you be publishing content about article creation with AI soon?

  3. Hi Daniel, It was good and I got good keywords data but do you check each keyword in Google or semrush to check backlinks and other things. or once you get the keywords data and you start working on it.

    1. Thanks Bharat, it shows the backlinks in the SEMRush search results on the right hand side.

      I would also manually check the Google SERPS just to double check that data that SEMRush has provided.

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